Hatha yoga is the most common form of yoga practiced in the West. Though there is much more to the Eight Limbs of Yoga, hatha yoga in the US primarily focuses on the breath and poses to help prepare the mind for stillness and meditation.

Ha (sun) tha (moon) encourages a balanced practice of challenging poses (sun) along with relaxing (moon), and integrated poses. Ultimately, classes with JoElla encourage a grounded but radiant approach to breath, BEing and cultivating one's own sense of presence. Our yoga practice is always geared to take the focus away from the qualities of the egoic mind and instead, aimed toward self- love, balance and acceptance of the present moment.

JoElla draws on a variety of disciplines in her Vinyasa classes and encourages individuals to practice at their own level. Modifications and variations are encouraged and, because the emphasis is on the breath, long holds and moderate pace are utilized to develop your own sense of inner space, strength, balance, and vibrancy.

All levels welcome.

Hatha Yoga



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