A yoga workshop with JoElla is typically a short (2-3 hour Class) immersion in the practice of some aspect of Hatha or Kundalini yoga. Each workshop will have a particular focus designed to enhance certain areas of the body/mind/soul connection.

Workshop Topics include:

- The Master Touch-Kundalini Yoga
- Opening the Grunti’s of the Heart
- Couples Yoga Workshop
- Kundalini Women’s Yoga Workshop
- Clearing Past Relationships

JoElla’s workshops offer a centered, well rounded, yet simple physical practice as well as some form of closing meditation or Kriya. Our yoga practice is always geared to take the focus away from the qualities of the egoic mind and instead, aimed toward self-love, balance and acceptance of the present moment.

Please check our schedule for upcoming workshops on Kauai or Contact us if you are interested in hosting a workshop
in your area.

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